AAOU Inter-University Staff Exchange Fellowship Program 2019 Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia

UNIVERSITAS TERBUKA (UT) is offering a short-term AAOU Inter-University Staff Exchange Fellowship Program to researchers from all member institutions of the Asian Associations of Open Universities (AAOU) for the year 2019. This program is intended to provide a platform for capacity building and the establishment of sustainable partnership as well as fostering the exchange of knowledge and promotion of mutual understanding among the staff of the open universities in Asia.

The terms and conditions of the fellowship are as follows.

Period of the Fellowship Program

Up to two weeks from October 6th–20th 2019

Number of Fellowships

Two (2) persons from different institutions

Provisions by Universitas Terbuka

  1. Full accommodation at UT’s Guest House
  2. Daily meals
  3. Office space with an internet access, computer, printer, and stationary
  4. Access to the University’s e-Library resources
  5. Local transportation to research sites

Responsibilities of Parent Universities

The parent universities of the selected fellows shall provide their candidate with a round-trip air ticket between their countries and Indonesia, and allowance according to their policies.

National Laws and Legislation

During the travel period covered under this fellowship, it is the Fellow’s responsibility to comply with all local laws and legislation of Indonesia. UT is not responsible for obtaining visas for the selected fellows. UT will provide a formal invitation letter for visa purposes in order to execute the Staff Exchange Fellowship Program. The Fellows should provide health insurance during their stay in Indonesia.

Research Areas

A research proposal of the fellowship program should be a comparative study between UT and their home institutions within the following themes.

  1. Managing MOOCs in ODL
  2. Enhancing Student Readiness in ODL
  3. Online Student Assessment
  4. ODL Vocational Program in 4.0 Industrial Revolution
  5. Learning Analytic in ODL
  6. Practicum program; including: field work practicum, online practicum, virtual lab, dry lab, dan remote lab.
  7. Instructional Strategies in ODL
  8. Interactive learning materials in ODL
  9. Quality Assurance in ODL


Interested candidates may apply by submitting the following documents in English:

  1. Curriculum Vitae including selected list of publications
  2. A research proposal should be based on one of the research themes. The length of the proposal between 8 – 10 pages, double line spacing. The proposed research project must be of relevance and is aimed at enhancing the practice of open distance learning in both Universitas Terbuka and parent university. For a brief profile of UT please refer to www.ut.ac.id. Note: The research proposal should explain:
    1. Issues and research problem
    2. Research method
    3. Data to be collected at UT (please be specific)
    4. Targeted/expected results
  3. A letter of recommendation from the parent institution signed by the President/Rector/ Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor.

Submission Deadline

All relevant documents must be submitted at the latest on August 31st 2019

Notice of Acceptance from Universitas Terbuka

Successful candidates will be informed via e-mail notification at the latest on 7th of September 2019.


Each fellow will be required to present both research proposal and results in an academic meeting at Universitas Terbuka. A written research report should be submitted to Universitas Terbuka at the end of the program. Further ideas for research collaboration with UT’s staff are welcomed.

Activities of the Fellows at UT

  1. Sharing information about their parent institutions to UT staff at Head Office (HO).
  2. Refining research plan with facilitation by assigned UT staff as research partner (at HO).
  3. Presenting research proposal to a forum consisting of UT officials and academic staff.
  4. Conducting data collection in selected HO Units such as:
    1. Institute of Research and Community Services
    2. Institute of Learning Material Development and Distribution, Examination, and Information System
    3. Faculties/Graduate Program, if necessary
  5. Visiting UT Regional Office (s): Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, if it is intended as part of research project.
  6. Video conference with other regional offices can be arranged.
  7. Presenting research results in a forum at UT HO.

Inquiries and documents could be addressed to:

International Office

Jalan Cabe Raya, Pondok Cabe, Pamulang,
Tangerang Selatan 15418

Phone: +62 21 7434290 Fax. : +62 21 7434290
E-mail: int_office@ecampus.ut.ac.id

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