To Ease Up on Students for its Services, UT Works With BSI

The students are always the main priority for Indonesia Open University or Universitas Terbuka (UT). UT’s students are spread across Indonesia and even overseas in 39 cities and more than 50 countries. UT’s students are so heterogenous and they are now located in all kinds of geographic and demographic conditions. UT’s presence is to reach out to those who are beyond reach. UT is ready to provide all kinds of facilities in terms of both learning aspects and tuition fee payment.

Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) is the Bank formed as a result of the merging of Islamic Bank or Bank Syariah owned by State-Owned Enterprises Banks or Bank BUMN, i.e., Bank Syariah Mandira, BNI Syariah, and BRI Syariah. They are merged into one entity, called Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) in the year of 2021. This merge would unify the superiority of each of the three Bank Syariah, and therefore, they provide a more comprehensive range of services, more extensive regions of services, as well as better capacity of the capital structure. Supported by the synergy with their holding companies (Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI) as well as the government’s commitment through Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Bank Syariah Indonesia is forced to be more competitive in global level.

With the same objective that is expanding their networks and also, to enhance their services, on Thursday, 28 April 2022, BSI and UT entered into a cooperation which was officiated with the signing of Cooperation Agreement by Firman Jatnika, the Regional CEO BSI, Regional Office V Jakarta 2, and Prof. Dr. Ali Muktiyanto, S.E., M.Si, UT’s Vice Rector of Finance and General Affairs, and it was witnessed by Rahmat Budiman, M.Hum., Ph.D., UT’s Vice Rector for Institutional Development and Partnership. The signing of the cooperation agreement (PKS) was done at Wisma 2 Building 1st Floor in UT regarding Tuition Payment Services through BSI Facilities and Services, Institutional Host-To-Host Payment.

The event was attended by the senior executive officers from BSI, including Regional CEO, Head Regional Office 5 Jakarta 2 (Firman Jatnika), Area Manager (Safitri Devi), and Branch Manager BSI Cirendeu (Egin Ginanjar). On the other side, UT’s officers attending the event included Vice Rector for Finance and General Affairs, Vice Rector for Information System and Student Affairs, Vice Rector for Institutional Development and Partnership, Director of the Center for the Development of International Relations and Partnership (PPHIK), Coordinator for Finance and Accounting at the Office of Vice Rector for Finance and General Affairs, Coordinator at the Office of Vice Rector for Institutional Development and Partnership, and Officer in charge of Protocol and International Affairs at PPHIK.

The opening session was performed by Rahmat Budiman, M.Hum., Ph.D., UT’s Vice Rector for Institutional Development and Partnership. In his address, he expressed his appreciation to BSI that has well responded this cooperation and he hopes that BSI would be the answer that will ease up for UT’s students to make the payment of their tuition in UT. UT is present in 515 regencies and cities that might become the services of BSI, too. It is hoped that the number of UT’s students and BSI’s customers can increase with this cooperation.

“It is our pride to be able to work together with UT as to serve UT means to serve Indonesia,” said Firman in his remarks. BSI is committed that through this cooperation, it can provide competitive services that other conventional banks do. Firman hopes that the collaboration of UT and BSI gets stronger.