The 11th Cyber Education Forum (CEF): "Game for Our Future"

Indonesia Cyber Education (ICE) Institute presented the 11th Cyber Education Forum (CEF) of Universitas Terbuka (UT) with the theme of: "Game for Our Future" on Tuesday, 29 March 2022. Cyber Education Forum (CEF) was held through video streaming UT TV and more than 322 participants joined the Zoom meeting. 

This program was moderated by Fauzy Rahman Kosasih, S.S., M.Pd., the lecturer of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training FKIP-UT. In this opportunity, Indonesia Cyber Education (ICE) Institute presented three foreign speakers, first, Dr. Xiuhan Li from Central China Normal University of China. Dr. Xiuhan Li illustrated Gamifield in Hongkong, China in form of School Gamified Learning, Museum Gamified Learning, and Gamified Learning at Home. 

Subsequently, Dr. Finita Dewi, S.S., M.A. from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia or Education University of Indonesia bringing up the topic of “The Quest of Gamification in Educational Context.” In her presentation, Dr. Finita Dewi, S.S., M.A., gave some examples on learning in form of games by asking the participants to interact in every slide. 

Finally, the material presentation was given by Dr. Nurhikmah H. S.Pd., M.Si., from Universitas Negeri Makassar or the Makassar State University. In this opportunity, Dr. Nurhikmah H. S.Pd., M.Si. discussed the challenges and concept of gamification in online learning. Dr. Nurhikmah H. S.Pd., M.Si. also explained that gamification (incorporating the elements of games into learning) is not difficult and can be done in simple ways. For example, by giving the reward for each student who has finished his or her tasks, then they can get points or stars. 

After the material presentation on gamified learning, the program was concluded by a question-and-answer session and the presentation of certificate by Mister Ramdhan Kurniawan, S.ST. Par., M.M., to the three presenters on that day, Dr. Xiuhan Li, Dr. Finita Dewi, S.S., M.A., and Dr. Nurhikmah H. S.Pd., M.Si.