Inauguration of Regional Executive Boards of UT’s Alumni Association

Taking venue at Universitas Terbuka Convention Center, Pondok Cabe, Tangerang Selatan, on Saturday, 17 April 2021, the Inauguration of the Regional Executive Board of the Alumni Association of Indonesia Open University (IKA-UT) was held for the following Regional Executive Boards of the Alumni Association of Indonesia Open University (IKA-UT): 1. Purwokerto; 2. Pontianak; 3. Medan; 4. Kupang; 5. Samarinda; 6. Manado; 7. Pangkal Pinang; 8. Ambon; 9. Mataram; 10. Lampung; 11. Abroad/International Office; 12. Sorong; and 13. Malang.

The Inauguration of the Regional Executive Board of the Association (IKA-UT) was conducted by the President of the Alumni Association of Indonesia Open University (IKA-UT), General TNI (Ret.) Dr. Moeldoko, M.Si. There were also present UT’s Rector, Prof. Ojat Darojat, M.Bus., Ph.D. and all the Vice Rectors. Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s House of Representatives (DPRD) of East Kalimantan Province, Sigit Wibowo, S.E., was also attending the event in person at the Indonesia Open University (UT) Samarinda, and there were also virtually present the Head of Education and Culture Office of West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB), representing the Governor of Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) (Dr. H.M. Aldi Furqan, M.Pd). All the representatives of the Regional Executive Board of the Alumni (IKA-UT) were also attending the program online.

In his speech, Moeldoko expressed that the regional executive boards of the alumni association of Indonesia Open University (UT), wherever they are, should immediately make or create the alumni database, and in addition, he added that the great number of alumni should be coupled with good quality of graduates. Indonesia Open University graduates have to always maintain their good performance; show and give their best so that they can make Indonesia Open University (UT) proud, and they should in no way feel inferior. They should always give constructive feedback to the almamater so possible improvements can always be made. Indonesia Open University (UT) is the leader of the online education services and hence, it has to be cautious of any existing developments so they really should pay attention to not only what the customers want, but also what the customer need.

The Rector of Indonesia Open University (UT) said that there are no reasons for the people of Indonesia not to get nor pursue higher education as UT has successfully managed to outreach all communities up to the most remote areas of the country and even, provide the higher education services for Indonesia citizens living abroad. All UT’s alumni are expected to resonate Indonesia Open University (UT) in their own hometowns or local regions such that one of the nation’s objectives, which is to improve its people’s education and intelligence, can be accomplished.