UT Held its First Covid-19 Vaccination for Elderly

Universitas Terbuka (UT), through UT’s Polyclinic in cooperation with the Health Office of the City of Tangerang Selatan held the 1st phase of Covid-19 vaccination on Wednesday (17/3/2021). The Covid-19 vaccination was implemented for the purpose of preventing Covid-19 breakouts within the premises of Indonesia Open University’s Headquarter. At this first stage of the program, UT received from the Health Office the City of Tangerang Selatan as many as 30 quotas/dosages for 30 people and appointed the Community Health Center or Puskesmas Pondok Cabe as the implementor.

The workflow procedures of the Covid-19 vaccination in UT started with the employees that have registered for the vaccination program with the UT’s Personnel Division, by showing their Personal Identification Card or KTP as one form of validation at the time registration, and then, they entered the polyclinic of UT for screening and examination of their blood pressure by the attending doctor. If the physical condition of the body of the Indonesia Open University’s employees were fit and meet the prescribed criteria required for the recipients of Covid-19 vaccination, then the vaccines were injected in the left arm of the employees by the treating doctor. Thereafter, post-immunization observation is conducted for 30 minutes. Subsequently, the employees would receive vaccination cards and then, were requested to come back in 2 (two) weeks time in order to get the second shoots of vaccination.

According to Doctor Wilda of the Community Health Center or Puskesmas Pondok Cabe, the vaccination targeted for the elderly people is the second batch of the programs as the prioritized references prescribed by the government in the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia. She added that the Health Office of the City of Tangerang Selatan will immediately open for public the new registration for the elderly for vaccination so that the communities of Tangerang Selatan can register independently. According to Doctor Wilda, the self consciousness of Indonesian people with respect to the Covid-19 health protocols and vaccination is the key that would stop the spread of Covid-19.