Acknowledging Democracy Challenges in Digital Era, UT Holds Scientific Conference OSC 2019

The Faculty of Law, Social Sciences, and Political Sciences of Universitas Terbuka (FHISIP-UT) once again held the "Open Society Conference (OCS) 2019". The annual international conference raised a theme that is very relevant to the development of legal, social, and political science today, namely "Democracy and Public Accountability in the Digital Age", at Universitas Terbuka Convention Center (UTCC), October 31st.

A total of 123 speakers from 19 universities both from within and outside the country and 3 Indonesian government institutions gathered at OSC 2019 to present the results of research on changes and the great challenges of democracy and public accountability in the midst of massive digital technology adaptation. In his remarks, Dr. Siti Aisyah., M.Sc. as the Chairperson of OSC 2019 hoped that through this seminar, we can provide benefits and contribute to the development of Indonesian society in the digital era.

OSC 2019 was officially opened by Drs. Moh. Muzammil, M.M. as Vice Rector of Finance and General Affairs, followed by the launching of a book titled "Democracy and Public Accountability in the Digital Age" by Dr. Sofjan Aripin, M.Sc. as the Dean of FHISIP-UT. In his remarks, Moh. Muzammil stated that digital technology has brought "new space" which has now become the dominant ecosystem of various human activities, as we can see in the widening scope of democracy in the economic, social, political, and legal dimensions.

This conference brought in international speakers in one of the panel discussion, namely Prof. Grace Javier Alfonso (University of the Philippines Open University / UPOU) and Prof. Eko Prasojo (Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences / FIA - University of Indonesia / UI), and Dr. Lim Tai Wei (Singapore University of Social Sciences / SUSS) through a video conference moderated by Prof. Daryono, S.H., M.A., Ph.D.

The event was continued with a parallel session and the 4th Congress of the Association of State Administration Scientists on the opportunities and challenges of the science of State Administration in the revolution era 4.0. OSC is expected to be a great opportunity for academics and policy makers to develop scholarship and policy on the importance of democracy and public accountability in the digital age.