TING X 2018: Innovation in Education for Indonesia 4.0

Coinciding with the National Teacher Day, School of Pedagogy and Education, the Indonesia Open University or Universitas Terbuka (FKIP-UT) organized National Scientific Meeting for Teachers or Temu Ilmiah Nasional Guru (TING) X starting from 24 to 25 November 2018 at Universitas Terbuka Convention Center (UTCC). After ten years of holding the event regularly in order to facilitate the participants to share their experiences concerning the approach, methodology and learning techniques which fit the current science and technology development. This time, the theme brought forward is “Innovations in Education for Indonesia 4.0”. This theme is very important for the educators in preparing the Indonesian future generation in order to improve their skills and to utilize the industrial revolution 4.0 in our life. A teacher is a facilitator who drives the young generation to utilize the era of this industrial revolution 4.0 wisely.

The activities held on 24 November 2018 were workshop covering the materials from Microsoft, Ministry of Woman Empowerment and Child Protection, as well as the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN). Subsequently, the event was officially opened by UT President, Prof. Ojat Darojat, M.Bus. Ph.D., on 25 November 2018. He urged that the educators should be able to build mindsets or paradigms, to gather any kinds of ideas and experience, to conduct reflection and practices. These are in line with the mission to educate the people trough one national education system. The chairperson of the Executive Committee for TING X Dra. Johanna Benyamina Sophia Pantow, M.AppL., also expressed her hope that TING X would become the means which may enrich the teachers in developing the young generation skills so they can be innovative persons.

The panel discussion engaged three resource speakers, namely Dr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan of Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia; Assoc. Prof. Meg M. Lu of National University of Tainan; and Ferro Ferizka Aryananda, S.T., M.Sc., MBA., from Sr. Program Lead-Asia Pacific & Japan Microsoft Corp and the session was moderated by Lidwina Sri Ardiasih, S.Pd., M.Ed. Later on, this program continued to question-and-answer session.

As many as 132 working paper presenters gathered at the event who are from various agencies or institutions in order to discuss the innovations that may be done in education sector in Indonesia 4.0. Furthermore, the presenters were given the opportunity to present their working papers or researches in parallel discussions. At the end of the program, it was announced that there were three best presenters, i.e. Rafidah Abdul Karim and Abdul Ghani Abu on Students’ Practice of Mobile Learning for Education 4.0; Suhartono, Suparti, & R. Aristiati on Software for Folklore Learning with Character Educational Story; and Idha Novianti on the Use of Software Geoenzo in Shape and Space Geometry for University Student Tutorials for Bachelor Decree Program in Elementary School Teacher Education (S1 PGSD) of the Indonesia Open University or Universitas Terbuka.

“Happy National Teacher Day”