Collaborating with UT, UMUC Sent Professor

Building its cooperation network, Indonesia Open University or Universitas Terbuka (UT) is not merely focusing on domestic education program. In global level, this distance learning education pioneer is also actively working with various institutions/organizations. One of them, which cooperation is still continuing until today, is the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), the United States of America. The collaboration of the two educational institutions has been well established for many years.

One of the working agenda is that each university makes Professor’s visits to each other, which was recently held at Indonesia Open University’s Functional Building or Gedung Serba Guna UT on July 16, 2018. During the visit, UMUC sent Prof. Sandeep Patnaik, Ph.D., in order to give a presentation on business management and public administration in this digital era.

The Professor said that today’s technology advancement is even faster. Many of the technologies which were once deemed to be the cutting edge and state of the art are now outdated, and thus, they should be replaced, even with the same function and yet, more sophisticated. Therefore, it is important for all institutions to be able to adapt with such rapid technology change. In order to develop educational institutions, especially those which are closely related to people development, analytical capability and skills on big data play an important role.

Earlier in the same occasion, Indonesia Open University (UT) Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohamad Yunus, M.A., who was representing UT Rector, warmly greeted and welcomed Prof. Sandeep Patnaik. He said that all UT lecturers who were present in the event expected that they would be able to gain more knowledge from the Professor of advertisement and marketing strategy. He hopes that there would be follow-up programs in the near future following this event, such as the collaboration in research or journal publication. He is convinced; this program would motivate as well as increase UT lecturers’ knowledge.