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08 Mar

Utilization of Information Technology as Media for Eliminating Education Restriction

The exchange of Memorandum of Understanding between Universitas Terbuka (UT) or Indonesia Open University and Universitas Perw

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Signing of Cooperation Agreement bewteen East Java UPN Veteran and UT For Learning Quality Improvement

As the pioneer of open and distance education since its first operation in 1984, Universitas Terbuka (UT) continues to innovate by utilizing technology as an education tool.

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UT’s Rector Hosted IKA UT Central Executive Board

The inauguration of Prof. Ojat Darojat as the UT’s Rector for the 2nd period is a great momentum for the Central Executive Board of the UT’s Alumni Association or Pengurus Pusat (PP) Ikatan Alumni Universitas Terbuka (IKA UT) that visited UT’s Head Office in Pondok Cabe, Tangsel (16/9/2021).

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