Vice Rector I - Dr. Mohamad Yunus, S.S., M.A.


Dr. from Indonesia Education University

M.A. from Ohio State University, Ohio

S.S. from University of Indonesia

 Professional Experience

2017 - Present

Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs

2011 – 2017

Vice Rector IV for Cooperation and Institution Development Affairs


Head of Institute for Development of Teaching Material, Exam and Information System (LPBAUSI)

2009 – 2011

Director of UT-Bogor

2003 – 2005

Vice Dean I of Teacher Training Faculty UT

2001 – 2003

Vice Dean III of Teacher Training Faculty UT

1998 – 2003

Vice Dean II of Teacher Training Faculty UT


Head of Language and Art Department at Teacher Training Faculty

1996 – 1997

Secretary of Examination Development Center at Teacher Training Faculty

1998 -

Lecture of Indonesian Language Education Study Program, Language and Art Department, Teacher Training Faculty

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