Tutorial included face-to-face tutorial, online tutorial, radio tutorial, and television tutorial as part of learning support.

Face-to-Face Tutorial

Face-to-face tutorial falls into two categories: compulsory and on-demand. Compulsory face-to-face tutorial is given to students who register for courses under a scheme which face-to-face tutorial is a part of the school fees. Commonly, it is given to students under the scholarship program. Meanwhile, on-demand tutorial is held based on students’ request. Students may submit a proposal for the face-to-face tutorial to the Regional Office. The Regional Office then sets up the face-to-face tutorial, including appointing the tutors and the locations. The face-to-face tutorial consists of eight sessions in a semester. Based on the experience, it is apparent that face-to-face tutorial is the most preferred mode of tutorial by students.

Online Tutorial

Like the face-to-face tutorial, the online tutorial is carried out for eight sessions (two months). Nowadays, the online tutorial is offered for all courses in all study programs. All students are able to participate in the online tutorial. During the tutorial, students are able to discuss with the tutors and the other students both synchronously and asynchronously.

Radio Tutorial

UT strategically uses radio programs to reach its students and enhance the students’ learning process. The development and production of these programs have been carried out alongside the development of the printed materials. The most recent development is that the radio tutorial is broadcast on UT Radio, a utilization of internet streaming technology.

Website: http://utradio.ut.ac.id/

Television Tutorial

With the strength of TV as a mass media, TV programs can be effective media for learning and teaching. The significant potential of this type of media has also been utilized by UT to deliver content to a very large number of students residing in various locations throughout the country. UT has developed 134 television tutorial programs (for 75 courses) with a normal duration of 30 minutes. Students can also watch the tutorials and other information on UT TV.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoUPOCg0m4hGeHW_VP-q6QA

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