Rector’s Welcome Message

Prof. Ojat Darojat, M.Bus., Ph,D.

Best Regards,

Universitas Terbuka, as a leading university trusted by the government, is fully committed to the mandate of carrying out the mission of distributing educational access to all Indonesian citizens. Inaugurated in 1984 through the Presidential Decree Number 41 of 1984, the university was designed to facilitate those not having the opportunity to complete their studies in higher education due to various difficulties, including economic, geographical, and demographic ones. Therefore, Universitas Terbuka comes in to reach the unreached.

This website is one of the media used to introduce and provide comprehensive information regarding the university for both students and the general public. We are continuously improving to be a leading higher education institution for various tiers of society, both nationally and internationally. We also consistently and constructively continue to strive and commit to be the best in providing educational services through open and distance higher education system adjusted to the needs of industry and the developments of technology.

The availability of communication and information technologies is a major supporting factor for the learning process at Universitas Terbuka. We accommodate various learning materials in both printed and non-printed to reach students and the community effectively and efficiently. So as to contribute to the national higher education, we constantly innovate and make breakthroughs, one of which is the development and implementation of the Digital Learning Ecosystem-based governance policies.

Universitas Terbuka, currently granted the status of a Legal Entity State University (PTN-BH), is determined to become a leading institution in the field of Open and Distance Higher Education and produce quality graduates ready to compete globally. This website encompasses in-depth information about UT, including its establishment, vision and missions, the organizational structure, the quality management system, international and national recognition, and the education system implemented at various levels of education (Diplomas, Undergraduates, and Postgraduates). In addition, so as to manifest the philosophy of lifelong education, we also develop and provide myriads of certificate programs and free-access educational services through a number of Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Embracing the public community, we come in to carry out the noble mandate in improving the education and dignity of our beloved nation.

Reaching higher education is no longer a mere dream, UT comes in to realize your dream.

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