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Welcome to Universitas Terbuka

UT RectorWhen the idea of an open university system was conceived of in Indonesia, and then eventually Universitas Terbuka (UT) was established on 4 September 1984, there was some doubts whether such a kind of institution could meet the high expectations of the society it serves. Time passes by, society makes progress, and UT has continued to adopt new ideas, experiment with innovations, and adapt itself to the changing needs of its stakeholders. UT as a large and complex open university or a mega university with an enrolment of over half a million students. UT system has continued to evolve and improve in terms of its teaching and learning system, management, and support services for students. UT current state of art is a reflection of its development, achievement, and future direction in the context of learners’ needs of the Indonesian society.

There is no doubt that UT as an institution has successfully carried out its mission in widening access to higher education, for both practicing teachers and general society. By any means, UT represents one of the significant contributions to innovation in modern Indonesian higher education system. Nevertheless, there are still many challenges to overcome to establish itself as one on of the center of excellence in open and distance education in the world. This will require and demand greater commitments and contributions from both all UT’s staff as well as from its stakeholders.

The history of UT is principally the history of continuous improvement, which has been adopted and internalized as the spirit and corporate cultures of UT. As an institution, UT has gone through various periods of fluctuation, due internal as well as external factors. Internally, as an educational institution, UT continuously undergoes change, innovation, and improvement. Externally, UT has also been challenged to adapt itself, respond external pressures for change, and respond the changing demands of clients and stakeholders. Continuous improvement is an uninterrupted and lasting process which has to be preserved, nurtured and enhanced by all members of UT management and staff. It is the principle that will ensure UT to be a sustainable and highly reputable open and distance learning institution.

This new English edition of our website aims to cater for the international researchers, partners, and distance learning professionals and enthusiasts. I believe that this website will provide useful information and I welcome further opportunities for international collaborations to promote access to the quality distance education.

Professor Ojat Darojat, Ph.D
Rector of Universitas Terbuka

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