Post Graduate School

Postgraduate Programs, Universitas Terbuka (SPs UT) is one of the realization of Universitas Terbuka’s mission to provide access to higher education for Indonesian citizens at the postgraduate level. The Postgraduate Programs began to be offered in 2004, starting with the Master of Public Administration program in Bengkulu Regional Office of Universitas Terbuka, followed by the Master of Management program, the Master of Fisheries Management program, and the Master of Mathematics Education program in 23 Regional Offices of Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia. As of transforming into PTN-BH, the Postgraduate Programs are expected to support the development of postgraduate education at Universitas Terbuka. Currently, there are 10 programs managed under the Postgraduate Programs.

Until the end of 2022, Postgraduate Programs have produced more than 2,475 graduates who are government practitioners, business practitioners, educators, and education managers in various areas of Indonesia. At Universitas Terbuka, anyone can achieve the desire to gain advanced skills and knowledge without leaving work. It requires the willingness, commitment, and discipline to learn independently. The students must organize their time and have adequate study plans so as to ease the learning process.

Environmental Studies

• Fishery Management

• Public Administration

• Management

• Elementary Education

• Mathematics Education

• English Education

• Doctor of Management Science

• Doctor of Public Administration

Teacher Professional Education

Study Programs


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