ICE Institute: “Smart Chatbot Education” the 14th Cyber Education Forum (CEF)

On Tuesday, 19 July 2022, Indonesia Cyber Education (ICE) Institute presented the 14th Cyber Education Forum (CEF) Universitas Terbuka (UT) with the theme on: “Smart Chatbot Education.” Cyber Education Forum (CEF) was held through Zoom meeting and video streaming live on Youtube UT-TV attended by Abdul Harith bin Hasan, M.Ed. from Universiti Sains Malaysia and Sukmawati Nur Endah, S.Si., M.Kom. from University of Diponegoro (UNDIP) as presenters.

The program was moderated by Niesrina Trixie Nur Imania, S.S. of Universitas Terbuka and at the same opportunity, UT’s Vice Rector for Institutional Development and Partnership, Rahmat Budiman, S.S., M.Hum., Ph.D., gave his remarks. The Cyber Education Forum (CEF) activity this time discussed the ease to use Chatbot feature for many industries that can provide services maximally for the customers needing interactions.

Abdul Harith bin Hasan, M.Ed., from Universiti Sains Malaysia, was the first speaker that presented the materials titled “Smart Chatbot for Education.” In his presentation, he explained that chatbot technology is a computer program designed to copy human conversation through the internet. Chatbot can also help on education. Nevertheless, chatbot designed for education must be able to provide adequate amount of accurate information on education.

Finally, the presentation of the materials was given by Sukmawati Nur Endah, S.Si., M.Kom. from University of Diponegoro (UNDIP). In this opportunity, Ms. Sukmawati Nur Endah discussed “Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Indonesian Education” starting from the history of chatbot which started back in the year of 1950 until today. Ms. Sukmawati Nur Endah also elaborated further on a number of types of Chatbot based on its operating systems, some examples of Chatbot uses in education, such as the use of Study Plan Registration Forms or Kartu Rencana Studi (KRS) for students and teaching staff as the remainder of class schedules.

After the presentation on Smart Chatbot Education, the program was concluded with the opening of question-and-answer session and the presentation of the certificates of participation by Mister Ramdhan Kurniawan to the two speakers who are Abdul Harith bin Hasan, M.Ed. and Sukmawati Nur Endah, S.Si., M.Kom.