Again UT Held Covid-19 Vaccination

In order to support the government’s program to combat Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia Open University or Universitas Terbuka (UT) together with the Community Health Center (Puskesmas) Pondok Cabe Ilir conducted the vaccination for UT’s employees who work in the UT’s Head Office. The activity was performed at the Universitas Terbuka Convention Center, Tangerang Selatan, on Friday (09/07/2021).

The total number of people who received vaccination was targeted to be as many as 300 people for the Sinovac vaccine. As a precautionary measure in order to avoid overcrowding, the event was organized in three different sessions.

I Gusti Alit Putrayana, the officer in charge of the program, explained the rules and the flow of the current vaccination program. “The participants must register themselves online through the portal and show the photocopy of his or her ID Card to the officers on duty in order to verify the personal data that have been registered online." Furthermore, the participants must pass a screening stage. “Prior to vaccine injection, we perform the screening and blood pressure examination. The participants who fail to meet certain criteria in this stage must be vaccinated. On the other hand, we will inject the vaccine to those who are eligible or meet the criteria". After all the participants were injected with the vaccines, post-vaccination observation was conducted for 30 minutes. Finally, each of the participants was issued with a vaccination card that can be used for the second-stage vaccination which will be performed at the end of August.

All the activities have implemented the strict Covid-19 protocols. The second stage of vaccination will be held starting from 16 July 2021.