ISBEST 2019 Focuses on Innovation Challenges and Opportunities In Coping With Society 5.0

Rapid development in economy, business and society due to the rise of digital technology has changed the structures of conventional economy, business and social systems. This condition gives the birth of Society 5.0 which has been present along with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era which is centralized in digital information and data. Society 5.0 is the period which focuses on human in balancing the economic advancement and social problem solving by integrating both virtual and physical spaces.

In order to facilitate academicians, practitioners, researchers, and students in digging more information and researches relating to Society 5.0, Faculty of Economics of Indonesia Open University (FE-UT) held the International Seminar on Business, Economics, Social Science and Technology (ISBEST2nd) and Competition of Public Sector Innovation Award (COPSI 1st) 2019 in collaboration with the Association of the Instructors for Public Sector Accounting or Asosiasi Pengajar Akuntansi Sektor Publik (APSAE) and Indonesia Publication House or Rumah Publikasi Indonesia (RPI). The seminar which was taking place on 23-24 October 2019 at Indonesia Open University Convention Center (UTCC) addressing the theme of “Indonesian Society in 5.0: Innovation Challenges and Opportunities”.

UT Rector opened the seminar who was represented by Dr. Ali Muktiyanto, S.E., M.Si. as the Dean of Faculty of Economics. In the event, Ali Muktiyanto addressed that through Society 5.0, artificial intelligence changed the big data in all social strata and Internet of Things would become a new policy, that would, in turn, be dedicated to improve capability and to open the opportunity for human kind. He expressed his appreciation for successful ISBEST 2019 and expected that the seminar can stimulate active discussions, as well as build new networks through collaborative researches.

In his speech, Dr. Joko Rizkie Widokarti, S.E., M.M. as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of ISBEST 2019 stated that there were 100 presenters who participated by presenting their paper works and it is expected that it would bring about constructive and open discussions in panel assembly. On the first day, the main speaker was Dr. Ir. Dwi Heriyanto, M.T., VP. Human Capital Strategic Management TELKOM and Board of Commissioners PT. PINS who was focusing on discussing the manners that Telkom Indonesia deals with Society 5.0. The next speaker was Datok Prof. Yusof Kasim from National University of Malaysia or Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – Malaysia and last, Prof. Masatsugu Nemoto from Chungbuk National University – Korea who shared innovations that they have successfully made in public sectors Malaysia and Korea, respectively.

The seminar continued with the panel discussion of ISBEST 2019 for all the presenters who presented their research papers. At the same opportunity, it was also held the semifinal Competition of Public Sector Innovation (COPSI 1st) 2019 at Wisma 2, UT-Pusat. The 1st COPSI is an event that provides the opportunity to express appreciation for the activists and practitioners of public sector for their participation in the effort to make various innovations so that they give benefits for both the managerial system in public sector entities and the society.