AAOU Exchange Fellowship Program 2019 by Indonesia Open University

In performing research development and enhancing cooperation among the members of Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU), again this year, Indonesia Open University (UT) hosted AAOU Exchange Fellowship Program (EFP) 2019. The staff elected for the current program is Dr. Jayson O. Madayag of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, the Philippines. EFP lasts for two weeks from 20 October to 4 November 2019 at UT Headquarter.

 The opening of the event was held at the meeting room of LPPM Building 3rd Floor, today (21/10/2019), attended by Head of the Center for Research and Innovation of Distance Education at the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), Prof. Daryono, S.H., M.A., Ph.D, along with a number of faculty members. In this opportunity, Dr. Jayson O. Madayag presented his proposal on “Assessing the Usability of Learning Management System of DMMMSU-Open University System”. The research was conducted in order to provide the knowledge, primarily to young lecturers at both universities who would involve and have more roles in the open learning system operation in the future. He expected that this program would give the opportunity to share the knowledge with UT in understanding the best practice applied for the management of open learning system at distance education institutions.

Prof. Daryono, S.H., M.A., Ph.D. also expected that with such EFP program held annually, experience and knowledge can be mutually shared among universities and it can create quality researches as a result of collaborative researches with other AAOU’s members.