UT Held Symposium at Education and Culture Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy

Providing access to education for all levels of the society with 'borderless' principle is conclusively and strongly adhered to by Universitas Terbuka (UT), and those who are currently working and living abroad are no exception. It is noted that thousands of Indonesian nationals who are now overseas are registering as UT students. It is not a simple matter for UT to facilitate such educational services. In this case, UT does not work alone. Instead, UT renders student services with the government’s assistance and support, especially the Indonesian embassies or KBRI that are located in the relevant countries.

It seems to be necessary to maintain such synergic collaboration, even more so, be improved, so that the educational services for the student can be provided optimally. In such efforts, UT through the Center for Overseas Student Management held Indonesia Open University Symposium together with Education and Culture Attaché (Atdikbud), the Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia at UNESCO. The symposium was also convened with the cooperation of Bureau of Planning and Foreign Cooperation (PKLN), Ministry of Education and Culture; Directorate of Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Directorate of Productivity Development, Ministry of Manpower. The event was held at Century Park Hotel, Jakarta, on February 8, 2018.

The symposium was moderated by Head of the Center for PPHIK, Dian Budiargo which was filled with the discussion of UT Rector, Ojat Darojat, UT Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Mohamad Yunus, Head of the Center for UT Overseas Student Management Dewi A. Padmo, Head of Bureau of Planning and Foreign Cooperation (PKLN) who was represented by Head of International Facility Division Dedi Karyana, and 17 Education and Culture Attachés (Atdikbud) in the Indonesian Embassies (KBRI) in various countries throughout the world. At such meeting, the discussion covered various challenges faced by KBRI while it is conducting or it will conduct Distance Learning or Pendidikan Jarak Jauh (PJJ) in collaboration with UT. Many participants of the symposium raised questions on the implementation of the Distance Learning Services or PJJ and the steps that may possibly be taken.

UT Rector thanked for the collaboration in providing the opportunity for Indonesian who are living abroad to date, in order to improve their education qualification through Distance Learning or Pendidikan Jarak Jauh (PJJ) with UT.“Without your support and assistance as well as collaboration, all of you ladies and gentlemen, it is complicated for UT to provide the educational services to tens of countries all over the world” he said. He expressed, UT will continue to endeavor to improve the quality and accessibility for all the communities to the fullest extent, including for those who are living abroad, in line with the efficient and effective technology development.

With this Symposium, it is hoped that the collaboration of UT and Indonesian Embassies or KBRI through Education and Culture Attachés (Atdikbud) will continue and always be well established. This collaboration is merely for the purpose of providing quality educational services to the citizens, particularly for those who are still struggling abroad, so that their competence will improve and be ready to compete in the global market, which will, in turn, increase the Participation Number of Indonesian citizens, especially those who are living overseas.