BKN and UT Collaboration Entering 11th Year

In providing Distance Learning services (DLS) which are targeting various groups of people, Universitas Terbuka (UT) continues to establish collaborations with a number of institutions, both government and private, like the activity recently held at Wisma UT, Tangerang Selatan, on February 9, 2018. Once again, UT established cooperation with State Personnel Agency or Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN) in providing Distance Learning services (DLS) to its personnel. At the Delivery and Acceptance of Memorandum of Understanding that morning, UT Rector, Prof. Ojat Darojat, M.Bus., Ph.D., quoted as saying, it was a step forward in strengthening the collaboration of BKN and UT that has been well set up since 2008.

At such event, UT Rector accompanied by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Mohamad Yunus, S.S., M.A., Vice Rector for Finance and General Affairs Dr. Rustam, M.Pd., Vice Rector for Information System and Student Affairs Aminudin Zuhairi, Ph.D., and Vice Rector for Partnership and Institutional Development Drs. Moh. Muzammil, M.M., and Dean of Faculty of Law, Social Science, and Political Science Prof. Daryono, S.H., M.A., Ph.D, as well as a number of UT officials within its headquarter. Meanwhile, as for BKN, Chairman of BKN represented by Deputy Chairman for State Personnel Transfer Aris Widianto, S.Si., M.Si. was also present together with Head of Center for State Civil Service Personnel or Kepala Pusat Pengembangan ASN Dr. Ahmad Jalis, M.A., and Head of PIK Management Richard Hasugian, S.Sos.

Acara Serah Terima MoU UT dan BKN 2018In his speech, UT Rector appreciated the BKN officials’ visit to UT headquarter. He said that up this year the number of alumni of this collaboration reached up to 220 people. In the mean time, more than one hundred BKN personnel are currently pursuing DL education at UT. He hopes that the collaboration will in the future be expanding and accelerating the need for human resources who posses personnel management competence in public sector in order to improve the professionalism of State Civil Service Personnel (ASN). UT Rector also expressed gratitude to BKN for its cooperation and support to UT so that it could get involved significantly in assisting the programs for the development of education qualification and competence within the office of BKN.

In the mean time, Deputy Chairman for State Personnel Transfer Aris Widianto, S.Si., M.Si. expressed his appreciation to UT that has assisted BKN in the last 10 years in preparing the personnel for human resources management in the government institutions and agencies. BKN is so pleased with the fact that this collaboration continues until today. He said, at the moment, that he saw the development of ICT, UT will probably become the mainstream model for higher education in the future. Seeing this, he thinks that one day, conservative campus will be decreasing. “For Indonesia, UT can be the leader with respect to the online learning, DLS, and universities or colleges in the days to come” he said.

Subsequently, the activity was then continued with the visit at the units of UT headquarter. In that opportunity, the BKN officials visited the Centre for Multi Media Development and the Center for Learning Materials Management, the Institute of Educational Quality Development and Assurance (LPPMP).