Board of Trustees

Chair: Prof. Ainun Na’im, M.B.A., Ph.D.
Secretary: Dr. Ake Wihadanto, S.E., M.T.

The Board of Trustees 2022-2027 in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 75343/MPK.A/KP.08.06/2022

  1. Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology
  2. Rector of Universitas Terbuka
  3. Chair of Academic Senate of Universitas Terbuka
  4. Academic Senate Representatives
    1. Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen, M.Ls. (Academic Senate representative)
    2. Prof. Dr. Sugilar, M.Pd. (Academic Senate representative)
    3. Prof. Dr. Ginta Ginting, M.B.A. (Academic Senate representative)
    4. Dr. Sri Listyarini, M.Ed. (Academic Senate representative)
    5. Dr. Sofjan Aripin, M.Si. (Academic Senate representative)
  5. Lecture Representatives (Non-senate Member)
    1. Prof. Dr. Sardjijo, M.Si.
    2. Dr. Ake Wihadanto, S.E., M.T.
    3. Ir. Anak Agung Made Sastrawan Putra, M.A., Ed.D.
  6. Community Representatives
    1. Prof. Ainun Na’im, Ph.D.
    2. Dr. (H.C) Dahlan Iskan
    3. Prof. Dr. Tjitjik Srie Tjahjandarie
  7. Drs. Muhammad Tair A, M.M. (Educational Staff Representative)
  8. Jenderal TNI (Purn) Dr. (H.C) Moeldoko, S.I.P., M.Si. (Alumni Representative)
  9. Alfiansyah Jauhari (Student Representative)

Duties and Authority of the Board of Trustees are:

  1. Approving the proposed changes to the University’s Statutes;
  2. Establishing university’s general non-academic policies;
  3. Establishing long-term development plans, strategic plans, and annual work and budget plans;
  4. Establishing university’s performance norms and benchmarks;
  5. Conducting an annual appraisal of the rector’s performance;
  6. Appointing and Dismissing the rector;
  7. Appointing and Dismissing the chair and members of the Audit Committee;
  8. Supervising and controlling over the non-academic management;
  9. Fostering networks with institutions and/or individuals outside the university;
  10. Providing consideration and supervision for developing and maintaining the university’s financial health;
  11. Making the key decision on issues that cannot be solved by the rector and/or academic senate;
  12. Preparing and submitting, together with the rector, an annual report to the minister.

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