Academic Senate

Pertaining to the Rector’s Decree Number 6006/UN31/HK.02/2022 on the Appointment of the Chair and Secretary of the Academic Senate of Universitas Terbuka for the Term of Office 2022-2027, the organization structure of the Academic Senate is as follows:

Chair: Prof. Dr. Chanif Nurcholis, M.Si.
Secretary: Purwaningdyah Murti Wahyuni S.H., M.Hum.

Commission A on Education, Teaching, and Development of Science and/or Technology:

Chair:Dr. Zainur Hidayah, S.Pi., M.M.
Secretary:Dr. Sri Tatminingsih, M.Pd.
1. Dr. Mohamad Yunus, S.S., M.A.
2. Prof. Daryono, S.H., M.A., Ph.D.
3. Prof. Dr. Chanif Nurcholis, M.Si.
4. Muhammad Husni Arifin, S.Ag., M.Si., Ph.D.
5. Dr. Ernik Yuliana, S.Pi., M.T.

Commission B on Academic Development, Planning, Budget, and Institutionalization:

Chair:Dr. Hendrian, S.E., M.Si.
Secretary:Dr. Harmi Sugiarti, M.Si.
1. Prof. Dr. Ali Muktiyanto, S.E., M.Si.
2. Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen, M.Ls.
3. Dr. Meirani Harsasi, S.E., M.Si.
4. Prof. Dr. Sugilar, M.Pd.
5. Purwaningdyah Murti Wahyuni S.H., M.Hum.

Commission C on Academic Appointments/Positions, Titles and Awards, and Academic Norms and/or Ethics Enforcement:

Chair:Prof. Dr. Ginta Ginting, MBA
Secretary:Dr. Welli Yuliatmoko, S.TP., M.Si.
1. Prof. Dr. Ucu Rahayu, M.Sc.
2. Ir. Adi Winata, M.Si.
3. Dr. Paken Pandiangan, S.Si., M.Si.
4. Dr. Sofjan Aripin, M.Si.
5. Dr. Yuni Tri Hewindati
6. Rini Yayuk Priyati, S.E., M.Ec., Ph.D.

Commission D on Strategic Studies, Partnership, Research, and Community Service:

Chair:Dr. Sri Listyarini, M.Ed.
Secretary:Dr. Mery Noviyanti, S.Si., M.Pd.
1. Prof. Drs. Ojat Darojat, M.Bus., Ph.D.
2. Prof. Dra. Dewi Artati Padmo Putri, M.A., Ph.D.
3. Dr. Sri Sediyaningsih, M.Si.
4. Dr. Subekti Nurmawati, M.Si.
5. Rahmat Budiman, S.S., M.Hum., Ph.D.
6. Dr. Etty Puji Lestari, S.E., M.Si.

The University Academic Senate has the function of establishing policy and providing academic consideration and supervision. The authority of the senate includes:

  1. Establishing academic policies regarding study program curricula; requirements for opening, changing, and closing study programs; requirements for awarding academic degrees; and requirements for awarding honorary doctorates and other academic awards;
  2. Establishing policies and supervising the implementation of academic freedom, academic pulpit freedom, and scientific autonomy;
  3. Establishing policies and overseeing the implementation of academic norms, ethics, and regulations;
  4. Recommending sanctions against violations of academic norms, ethics, and regulations committed by the academic community to the rector;
  5. Supervising the rector’s implementation of academic policies;
  6. Supervising and evaluating the achievement of academic performance;
  7. Giving approval to the rector in proposing associate professor and professor;
  8. Recommending the granting and or revocation of honorary doctorate degree;
  9. Giving approval for opening, changing, and closing study programs;
  10. Giving consideration for the establishment, merger, and/or dissolution of faculties, schools, and/or departments; and
  11. Preparing and approving, together with the Board of Trustees and the rector, the draft amendment to the University Statutes.

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