FKIP (Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan)
Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) is one of the faculties at the Open University (UT) which provides educational services to students who have worked as a teacher (in-service training) or other educators. The education system is done by distance learning system (SBJJ). All programs offered by FKIP-UT has obtained official permission from the Director General of Higher Education. Currently, FKIP-UT has five majors with 10 courses (S1) and certification programs, namely:
  • Indonesian Language and Literature Education
  • English Language Education
  • Biology Education
  • Physics Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Economic Education
  • Pancasila and civic education
  • Primary School Teacher Education (PGSD)
  • Teacher Education Early Childhood Education (PGPAUD)
  • Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA)
  • Local Government Administration
Faculty of Economics (FEKON)
Faculty of Economics (Fekon) has the purpose Generate human resources and professional experts in the field of economics and / or experts in managerial decision making based on an integrated consideration of the functional areas of marketing, finance, operations, and human resources and / or experts in the field of finance and problem- problem in business entities and public organizations.
  • Economic Development
  • Management
  • Accounting

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FMIPA (Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam)
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Open University (Science-UT) has been around since UT is established, namely in 1984. At that time Faculty-UT offers Studies Program Strata 1 (S1) and Mathematical Statistics. In the process, according to community needs, the current-UT Faculty offers 6 (six) tiered Studies Program S1, namely Statistics, Mathematics, Biology, Science And Tekonologi Food, Agribusiness and PWKL (City & Regional Planning Division Interests of Natural Resources Management and The Environment).
  • statistics
  • mathematics
  • biology
  • Food Science and Technology
  • agribusiness
  • Regional and City Planning Division Interests Natural Resources Management and Environment (PWKL)

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FISIP (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik)
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social) was determined to be one of the faculty unggulan dalam social sciences and political science, especially in higher education distance (Newspapers) in Asia in 2010 and in the world in 2020.
  • State Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Legal Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Communication Studies
  • Library Science
  • sociology
  • Translating English Literature Field Interests

  • Library

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Masters Degree Programs
Masters Degree Programs are realization of the Open University's mission to provide access to higher education for Indonesians at S2 level. Master Program was offered in 2004, as a Master of Public Administration program for UPBJJ Bengkulu region, followed by a Master of Management and Fisheries Management Program, and the Master Program in Mathematics Education 23 UPBJJ region - UT Indonesia.
In addition to programs contained in the Faculty, Free University also offers certificate programs among which, Village Government Administration Certificate Program, BIPA (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers), Schools, Administration Certificate Program, Certificate Program Statistics for Apparatus Village Government, Regions Financial Accounting Certificate Program and Scientific Work Certificate Program for Teachers.

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