Claudio Rama

Claudio Rama

Claudio Rama is a researcher, consultant and teacher in education with specialization in Latin America. He has 10 university degrees: Economics (UCV – Venezuela / UDELAR – Uruguay); Postgraduate in Copyright (UBA – Argentina); Postgraduate in Industrial Property (UBA – Argentina); Specialist in Marketing (UCUDAL – Uruguay / UNFRG – Brasil) ; Specialist in Distance Education (UNA – Venezuela); Master in Management Education (UJMV – Venezuela); Doctor in Education (UNESR – Venezuela); Doctor in Laws (UBA – Argentina); Postdoctoral in Education (UNESR – Venezuela); Post doctoral in Education (UNICAMP – Brazil). Its working languages are Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Born in Uruguay, he has the Venezuelan and the Spanish nationality.

Former Director of the UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC) based in Caracas and Vice President of International Program Development of Communication (IPDC) of UNESCO (Paris). In Uruguay, for several years he has been Director of the National Institute of Book; Director of the National Television System; and President and Vice President of the National System of Radio, Television and Entertainment (SODRE).

He has consulted for various international and national institutions such as OIM, IDB, UNDP, UNESCO, CERLALC, ILCE; ASCUN, ANR, SEMESP and CACECA, as well as in several universities in various education issues as management, curriculum reform, distance education, institutional organization, evaluation systems, processes of teaching, teacher training, research organization, structures and systems graduate.

He has been researcher and lecturer in Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina, and visiting professor for several months at the University of Puerto Rico (UPT-RP), at the Autonomous National University of México (UNAM – Mexico) and at the Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP – México). He has lectured at more of 150 universities and academic institutions in 30 countries, mainly in the region.

He is currently a Dean of the Faculty of Enterprise al the University of Business (Uruguay), professor in different doctorat in Education (Uruguay, Bolivia and Venezuela) and an active member of the National Reseach System of Uruguay. He is also a Director of the Observatory of Virtual Education in Latin America (Virtual Educa).

He has published 17 books as well as many essays and articles published in
several countries in the region. His latest book are “Emerging paradigms skills and new university models in Latin America” (Unicaribe, Santo Domingo, 2010) and “The Latin American university at the crossroads of trends” (ILCE: México, 2010); UNICARIBE: Santo Domingo, 2009; UDE: Montevideo, 2009). He is a member of several academic committees of various educational journals among which RIED (Ecuador); RAES, COGNICION, IELES y RLEC (Argentina); RUSC, REFIEDU y Educación XX1 (España); CACECA, UMeL e Innovación Educativa (México) y RICEE y RSEUS (Uruguay).

He was a fellow of the Fulbright New Century Scholar. He has twice received the National Award for Literature of Uruguay for their academic work: First Prize in Social Sciences, unpublished, 1999, and the only prize in Education, unpublished, in 2008. He received 26 academic distinctions, including a Doctor Honoris Causa of the Universidad National Mayor de San Marcos (San Marcos) of Peru.