UPBJJ is UT’s regional technical executive units. The UPBJJ-UT functions as students’ forum for academic administration as well as academic activities. Its task is to provide day-to-day distance learning services.

The main functions of the UPBJJ-UT in carrying out those duties are:

  1. To conduct administrational, public relations and promotional activities under the coordination of the Head of the Sub-department of Administrations. The duties include providing academic administration and testing activities. These are not performed simultaneously but are inter-related and are ongoing activities. Consequently one coordinator suffices to oversee all the activities. When the UPBJJ-UT’s work load increases, the UPBJJ-UT can appoint another coordinator, one for registration and one for testing.
  2. To provide learning support and learning material services which includes conducting tutorials, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Tutorials in the future are expected to increase with the implementation of a new policy on specially-designed tutorials which will only need to be supervised by one coordinator.
  3. To develop, foster and carry out cooperation with various institutions. This authority is in the hands of the Head of the UPBJJ-UT which would be rendered ineffective if delegated to another coordinator or staff.

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