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bak-air-abdimas-kendari-des2011In 2011, 9 (nine) UPBJJ (Regional Offices) programs for community development were approved for funding. The activities proposed were generally aimed at community empowerment. The activities would be carried out by the local UPBJJ lecturers. One UPBJJ performing such activity was the Kendari UPBJJ UT. The lecturers of Universitas Terbuka assigned in UPBJJ UT Kendari implemented the Community Development program by way of providing clean water for the residents of the Village of Abeli Dalam Sub-District of Puuwatu, Municipality of Kendari. This activity was accomplished by the Kendari UPBJJ UT in collaboration with local NGOs, the Local Residents and Officials of the Village of Abeli Dalam.

pipa-air-abdimas-kendari-des2011The aim of the activity or the targeted outputs are:

  1. Availability of clean water to meet the needs of the residents;
  2. Availability of facilities for sustainable provision of clean water, and
  3. Better community knowledge on the importance of clean water and how to maintain those clean water facilities.


This community development activity took 12 effective days to complete. The work roster (for public participation) was made to correspond with the local residents’ schedules, who had to go to work, and took place at a time when one resident held a wedding party for his son. Some of the work needed a whole day to complete, but others could be accomplished in half a day. The most complex work was installing the pipes measuring a length of approximately 350 meters and connecting them to the water containment tank. The challenge lay in installing those pipes in a hilly area through swamps of sago trees. The capacity of installed water was 2 liters per second.

peserta-abdimas-kendari-des2011At present, water containment facilities are already in place and the water flows smoothly. But there remains some work to be done, which involves burying the pipes to prevent them from being damaged because, for example, of being trampled by animals (cows). With the success of this clean water program, families living in RW 4 (around 200 Heads of Families) and surrounding areas are happy although they would like to have more water containment tanks. The completed facilities of this activity have been handed over by the Head of the Kendari UPBJJ to the Village Head (Lurah) of Abeli Dalam and the local residents. It is hoped that this Community Development activity of UT can ensure a healthier, prosperous and more productive community life.

(Text compiled by Agus Jp based on reports of activities compiled by Wawan Ruswanto. Photos by Agus JP)

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