logo UT 30 yearsUniversitas Terbuka (UT), established in 1984 is the first and only university in Indonesia which has implemented a full open and distance learning system. As Indonesia’s 45th state university, UT was founded to be a flexible and affordable university focusing on serving people who do not have the opportunity to attend conventional face-to-face higher education institutions for various reasons, including living in isolated and remote areas, full-time employment and lack of funding. The central office is located in the capital city of Jakarta supported by 37 regional offices throughout the country. Having a vision to become “a world quality open and distance higher education institution in producing academic program as well as in implementing, developing and disseminating information on open and distance higher education by 2021”, UT offers various study programs which employ integrative learning packages that combine printed and non-printed materials, and develop collaboration and networking with external institutions in order to achieve the following missions:

  1. To provide access to a world quality higher education service for all level of society through the implementation of various programs using open and distance higher education system.
  2. To conduct research and develop open and distance education system.
  3. To utilize and disseminate scientific and institutional research results to respond to national development needs.